RIIWHS202D : Enter and work in confined spaces

Overview : This nationally recognised course provides participants with the skills and knowledge required for safe entry to confined spaces under a work permit and for maintaining safety while working in the confined space.

Duration : 1 Day

Date : 30 October 2019

Time : 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Pre-Requisite : There are no pre-requisites for this course

Mode : Blended Learning

Cost : $195

Assessment : On-the-job

This course covers the requirements for entry to confined spaces for maintenance, servicing of vessels or other necessary reasons. Work in/entry to confined spaces shall conform to relevant legislation and Australian Standard AS 2865 Confined Spaces, or its authorised update or replacement.

This unit includes:

  • Preparing to enter the confined space, including permit procedures
  • Checking the preparations against the permit conditions
  • Entering the confined space
  • Performing the work in accordance with the permit that has been issued.It should be noted that all Standby personnel should also be trained and competent to enter the confined space.

The cost to enrol in this training course is $195.00.

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