Licence to Operate a Forklift Truck - IM Training



Duration : 2 Days

Days : 1-2 October 2019

Time : 11:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Cost: $495

Pre-Requisites : Recognised driver’s licence or provisional car licence in addition to old forklift licence or log book.

Mode :  Classroom or Onsite (Face to Face).

Assessments : Competency based, theory and practical

Course Overview

TLILIC2001 – Licence to operate a forklift truck is the unit required to apply for your Forklift Licence with your local Work Health and Safety regulator.

This experience operator course provides training to attendees to operate a Forklift safely.

This Forklift course requires the operator to:

  • Be able plan the work,
  • Conduct routine checks on the forklift,
  • Shift loads in a safe manner, and
  • Shut down and secure the equipment after the completion of operations.

This unit is based on the National Standard for Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work.

Upon successful completion, course participants will receive a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment. The Statement is issued by IM Training (RTO 70023).

To enrol in this course Contact Us by either phone or email or complete the online enrolment form.

Name Course Start Date Availability Cost  Location
Licence to operate a forklift truck 01/10/2019 $495.00 Smart Hub Customs House - Rockhampton
Licence to operate a forklift truck 24/10/2019 $495.00 Smart Hub Customs House - Rockhampton

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