RIIRIS402D – Carry out the risk management process

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This unit describes a participant’s skills and knowledge required to carry out risk management processes in the Resources and Infrastructure Industries.

This unit it appropriate for those working in supervisory roles.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

Elements and Performance Criteria
1. Plan and prepare for implementing the risk management process

1.1 Access, interpret and apply risk management documentation and ensure the work activity is compliant

1.2 Identify and determine the process to be used for risk management

1.3 Identify, develop and document parameters of the risk assessment task

1.4 Access, interpret and apply the data required to complete the risk assessment task

2. Identify hazards

2.1 Identify and confirm types of potential hazards by reference to site circumstances, history and/or precedence

2.2 Establish and communicate to others the process for hazard identification

2.3 Undertake routine hazard identification

2.4 Add to the hazard identification process any potential variations from changes to work practices, systems or technology

2.5 Analyse the hazard identification process or parts of the process, to identify and prepare written documents to communicate loss scenarios

3. Assess risk

3.1 Determine the likelihood of the loss scenario

3.2 Analyse and determine the consequence if the loss scenario should occur

3.3 Determine the risk level of the loss scenario

4. Identify unacceptable risk

4.1 Source or determine site criteria for assessing the acceptability of risks in conjunction with the appropriate party

4.2 Determine the risk level or score

4.3 Seek expert advice and clarify findings which are ambiguous, unclear or of doubtful accuracy

5. Identify potential actions

5.1 Identify existing controls

5.2 Identify, analyse and document the range of risk controls for identified unacceptable risks

5.3 Identify risk control options using the hierarchy of controls, considering operational effectiveness

5.4 Verify feasible options for risk control by preliminary analysis and consideration

6. Decide on action

6.1 Select most appropriate risk controls for the situation from the feasible options

6.2 Clarify the decision and confirm the selected course of action following analysis of resource requirements, cost, safety and welfare issues within site constraints

6.3 Prepare written document outlining the selected course of action and resources required

7. Implement or facilitate action

7.1 Implement directly, or facilitate through others, the course of action plans

7.2 Maintain the standards for safety regulations and procedures

7.3 Communicate to all parties relevant information related to the new/revised work procedures and action plans

7.4 Reinforce requirements through observing the impact of information and implemented action plans

7.5 Coach others to effectively carry out action plans

8. Review the implementation of action

8.1 Determine and facilitate an ongoing review process to ensure implementation and application plans for risk controls

8.2 Routinely review process, actions and controls to ensure continuing effectiveness in the changing work environment

8.3 Respond to, or refer to the appropriate party for follow-up action, anomalies and shortcomings identified during the review process

9. Audit the risk management process

9.1 Conduct audits of risk management processes and work procedures and amend accordingly

9.2 Consult with others to identify issues to action plans

9.3 Respond to changed requirements identified during audits in a systematic and timely manner

9.4 Complete and retain all written risk management documentation covering the reason for, and changes made

10. Complete records and reports

10.1 Produce and process and all written risk management documentation and reports

10.2 Maintain all written risk management documentation and reports

Upon successful completion, course participants will receive a Nationally Recognised Statement of Attainment. The Statement is issued by IM Training (RTO 70023).

National unit of competency:

RIIRIS402D – Carry out the risk management process

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