ON-SITE Assessment

$1,490 per day (6 people max)




IM Training RTO 70023 has been delivering high risk licencing solutions since 2005. As part of our solutions, we offer Verification of Competency  (VOC) on-site to help employers maintain currency of their employees.

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What is a Verification of Competency or VOC?

A VOC is a method of determining the skill level of a person against defined competency standards in order to evaluate the person’s ability to carry out the relevant activity or works.

VOC helps ensure that you as an employer, are meeting Work Health and Safety requirements (WHS).


Why do I need VOC assessment?

You need VOC assessment:

  • To assist in the maintenance of work health and safety requirements
  • To manage the currency of your employees
  • Can be utilised as part of pre-employment checks
  • As part of ongoing site requirements


How does it work?

We do all the work for you, on site. Our trainers will come to you. We will:

  • Review the organisation policy and procedures to establish the benchmark
  • Review work documents and logbooks to determine the level of competency required
  • Perform on the job observation and checks for each staff member
  • Prepare an assessment report for each staff member for your records.


Before you engage a training organisation, consider the following to help identify the service you require:

  1. Does your organisation require an updated Statement of Attainment or a VOC?
  2. Which version of the unit(s) do your employees currently hold?
  3. If a unit has changed, is a “refresher course” required with the VOC to get the most up to date unit of competency?


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What if your employee is not competent?

Part of the solution is assessment of any additional/gap training required before further assessment is conducted. If your employee is not competent we will provide advise on ways to fill the gap.



Each individual assessment takes approximately 1-2½hrs and will depend on the type of plant and/or requirement of employer/site.


How do I book?

Contact our team on 1300 213 795 if you require any assistance.

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